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23.8 Release Notes

Welcome back to the new year! The 23.8 release of Alexandria contains some important fixes and improvements.

You don’t want to get locked out of Alexandria! In order to reset a password, you need an email. So going forward, all operator (patron) records with a security level of 2 or higher (2, 1, or 0) are required to have an email address.

Also, if you haven’t yet, check out our Password Management Best Practices !

When you use the topnav > help menu > Contact us to send us emails through Alexandria or Textbook Tracker, you’ll be able to attach a screenshot to help us understand your questions/feedback!

When a patron scans their barcode in Self-Service, they’ll be able to see how many items they have checked out as well as number of overdue items. Now maybe they’ll remember to bring those books back!

IMPORTANT: In order to use Offline mode when there is a network disruption, you’ll need to load it once when you still have connection. Take a moment now to open Tools > Offline. 


  • If you are in a centralized catalog you can now save site-specific Builder preferences across all of your sites at once using the new Save To All Sites button.


  • When you realize you have a duplicate title, you can use the new Merge Titles function. Yet, if you added copies to the wrong title, you don’t want to merge, you want to MOVE the copies. Now when you move copies, the destination title updates the last use date and lifetime usage based on that copy you moved.


  • You can now add a new xxx-Other tag in MARC view.
  • It’s easier to find and select copies when you have more than 1000 copies for a title.
  • We’ve fixed some bizarre instances of not being able to save a title.


  • We’ve increased the timeout on Import Patron Pictures so that slower networks can complete the file upload.


  • Circulation Notice 2-per page is now showing the proper site name.


  • BestMARC licenses now clearly are enabled or disabled and let you link your accounts.


  • The ability to add site-specific URLs to ebooks was causing physical titles to show up at sites where they have no copies. We’ve made adjustments and titles should be shown/hidden properly once again!