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Preferences are how you control how certain things work in Alexandria, for your site or all sites.
Access Preferences from the sidenav or by appending /preferences to your Alexandria URL.

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Preferences FAQs

Although you might not visit Preferences often, you’ll want to review what settings are available to you and make sure Alexandria is set up to work the best for your library.

Site vs System?
In the top-right of any preference area, you’ll see SITE or SYSTEM. Site means this preference is for your site only; System means that it applies to every site in your district.
District admins can now push preferences across all sites use the ‘Save All Sites’ button.

Search for a preference, or go directly to any preference area.


Select new patron defaults, set grade table preferences, and add Lexile values.


Select new item defaults, link imported items to specific policies, manage your catalog classification system, and control cover art options.


Control displayed content, configure general circulation settings, customize receipts, and manage patron notice messages.


Manage a list of operator-defined condition and damage codes.

Circulation Groups

Track groups of items by transaction.


Add, edit, test, or remove z39.50 server addresses and store them in sets.


Configure the sounds that play when specific program events occur.


Configure some basic preferences when first setting up Alexandria, such as email and terminology.


Access optional third-party software components and Alexandria add-ons.

SIS Integration

Use Clever or GG4L to share database information among various applications.

Advanced Bookings

Manage and customize reservation emails and booking notices.

Textbook Tracker shares many of the same preferences as Alexandria.

Do you have Textbook Tracker? Keep an eye out for preferences marked -A/TT, which means it is a shared preference between both. This is versus -A and -TT, which means the preferences are separate between the two systems.
For example, a preference marked as SITE-TT will affect Textbook Tracker only, at this site.

Preferences FAQ

How can I add an email address to send out notices?

How can I modify my Grade Table?

When a date is entered to the Advance After field in Grade Table preferences, will grades advance automatically after that date?

Can I choose the next patron barcode Alexandria will assign?

How do I use Gmail as an SMTP?