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Bulletins are virtual boards where you can post and share information with your patrons.

Patrons can get to your bulletin boards from the Researcher hub, if you’ve set up a link (/bulletins), or via the topnav from most Researcher interfaces.

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Bulletins FAQs

Bulletins Video

Bulletins Builder

This is the Bulletin Boards home page. Here you can see all of the boards available at your site!

What does the lock mean?
You can password-protect any board in the NEW Bulletin Board Builder. These boards require the password to open.

Here is an example of a bulletin board (with and without the corkboard). Each piece on the board is a bulletin.

  • You can set the Style (colors);
  • It’s mobile-friendly;
  • and embedded Google Forms and Calendars work great!

The style and look of your boards is set in Researcher Builder. To set up and manage your bulletin boards and the bulletin content, go to Builder > Bulletin Boards Builder.

Bulletins and boards can be created by any Alexandria Librarian with the proper security credentials.

Bulletins FAQ

What all can I show on my Bulletin Boards?

How do I organize my bulletins?

How do I create a Bulletin Board?