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SIS Integration


A SIS (student information system) manages and stores student data for districts and schools. The data can include class schedules, grades, attendance, test results, and personal information. But the major problem administrators and teachers find with SIS is the very tedious and time-consuming chore of repeatedly updating the same information in SIS and multiple other educational applications.

However, a SIS integration service solves this problem! Rather than constantly updating student information in three different places, districts and schools can use a SIS integration service to automatically sync student information from the SIS to all of the other applications. While using one of these services with Alexandria, your patron records are automatically updated each day during Daily Operations.

Alexandria supports the following services that offer SIS integration:

Clever is a software service that helps facilitate the secure transfer of student rosters between their SIS and digital learning applications.

Global Grid for Learning (GG4L) is a K-12 industry collaborative that provides schools with various EdTech tools, including the secure exchange of school roster data between applications.

You can only use one SIS integration service at a time in Alexandria. When one is enabled, the others are disabled.

SIF integration is no longer supported in Alexandria.