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Textbook Tracker

Using Alexandria Librarian and Textbook Tracker together allows you to benefit from shared patrons and overlapping settings—with one setup, one server—while assigning specific Security Levels to control access to the different functions. Your patrons will be able to see current checkouts for both library books and textbooks in one location and pay fines for either with available credit.

  • Shared patrons. You only need to maintain one patron database, and patrons can see loan information for both in one place.
  • Integrated administrative settings. There’s one setup and one admin needed for maintenance.
  • Consistent calendars. Keep the same schedule in both programs.
  • Same sites. Keep site information consistent.
  • Centralized security. Control access to library/textbook functions in one place.
  • Simplified maintenance. Self-Hosted users only need one server and one backup.
Want specifics? Here’s a comprehensive list of exactly which data is shared!



  • Charges > Payments
  • Command Help (some commands are specific to Textbook Tracker)
  • Current Patron Pane
    • Credits
    • Notes
  • Patron Details
    • Credits
    • Last Use Date

Patrons Management

Operations Management


  • Reports (only the Patrons category and some in the System category)
  • Utilities (only the Patrons category)
  • Export (only the Patrons category)
  • Sites


  • Patron Status


  • Barcodes
  • Calendars
  • Codes
  • Localization
  • Patrons
  • Policies
  • Security
  • SIS Integration

Learn more about the benefits of Textbook Tracker.

Yep! Since Patrons Management in Textbook Tracker and Alexandria Librarian shares the same data, you will only need to update your patron records in one place.

Textbook Tracker and Alexandria Librarian don’t share items, so textbooks won’t appear in Researcher as long as you add them properly. Just be sure to add or import textbook records while in Textbook Tracker. 

There are multiple ways patrons can get this information:

  • Show patrons how to log into Patron Status. They can then view a list of their textbooks on the Textbooks Out tab anytime.
  • Email or print their Patron Details from Textbook Tracker’s Circulation (works best for individual patrons).
  • Consider setting up the Send Patron Details Email report in Textbook Tracker to run on a schedule (works best for multiple patrons). This will email all selected patrons a list of their checked out textbooks. (However, note that this will only include textbooks. If you want to send patrons a list of their checked out Alexandria items, you’ll need to run the same report while in Alexandria.)