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Tip of the Week

Reports to make the EOY easier

Are things piling up before school is out for the summer? Wondering which reports you should run for help with your End-of-Year procedures? We got you covered. Even better, you can run the reports from our new reports beta!

End-of-year due date to-dos

We’ve got more End-of-Year tips for you! One of the first things you’ll want to do in preparation for the end of the year is check your library’s calendars and item policies. With Alexandria, you can set Period Due Dates and Hard Due Dates.

Letting go of legacy reports…

Lots of the reports (and labels and notices) in Alexandria say (Legacy) at the end, meaning… they are on the way out. But don’t worry! We have replacement reports for the legacy reports that are new and improved, and still perform the function of the legacy reports. Most of the time they are simplified or combined to be more efficient.

Inventory: a piece at a time

It’s inventory time again. Never fear, Sessions are here! Sessions let you tackle your inventory one piece at a time, based on how you conduct your inventory: by section of your library, by person inventorying, by date, or all of the above. A Session can be continued by yourself or anyone else with permission to inventory at that site.

Umm… where is it??

Miss Honey’s school library has started remote holds and checkouts, which means using Search a lot more than before. While Search is powerful and flexible, sometimes it’s a little tricky to find what you’re looking for… Are there any tips for using it effectively? Is there anything she, as a librarian, can do to make things easier to find? Yes and yes!