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Tag: reports

Reports to make the EOY easier

Are things piling up before school is out for the summer? Wondering which reports you should run for help with your End-of-Year procedures? We got you covered. Even better, you can run the reports from our new reports beta!

Letting go of legacy reports…

Lots of the reports (and labels and notices) in Alexandria say (Legacy) at the end, meaning… they are on the way out. But don’t worry! We have replacement reports for the legacy reports that are new and improved, and still perform the function of the legacy reports. Most of the time they are simplified or combined to be more efficient.

Remind me with reports… for notes!

Emily is checking out a book on the Salem witch trials when Miss Sanderson notices the label is peeling off the spine. Rather than holding Emily up by addressing the problem right then, she adds a copy note that will come up once the book is checked back in.
But how can she keep track of all the copy notes and patron notes?