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Tools is a simple portal to access a wide range of program and management tools that perform a variety of tasks.
Access Tools from the sidenav or by appending /tools to your Alexandria URL.

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Authority Control

Maintain consistency in your bibliographic records by consolidating similar terms. Clean up your subjects and genres, assign aliases to complicated mediums, update homeroom names, and more.


Survey the items and materials you have in stock.


Manage site records for each school in your Centralized Catalog.


Track and manage your routing lists, which are used to circulate items to particular patrons in a specific order.


Track and manage your periodicals.


Calendars are used to help perform certain circulation-based calculations, such as assign due dates, calculate fines, and manage holds.


Use Policies to establish rules that regulate how different library resources are used by your patrons.


Create security groups that give operations and patrons different level of access and permissions.


Licensed add-on
Track how many patrons are visiting your library and for what reasons.

Offline Mode

Continue with basic Circulation when the internet goes down.


Allow patrons or volunteers to check items in or out by themselves.

Textbook Tracker

Licensed add-on
Manage your school’s textbooks and other assets.

Alexandria Librarian

If you are licensed for both TT and Alex, you’ll see this in Textbook Tracker as a convenient link to your Alexandria Librarian interfaces.

Textbook Tracker shares some of the same Tools.