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Search Widget

Add our tiny search widget to your school’s website (or anywhere your organization needs), for a quick way to search key words in your library.

Our new tiny search widget is free—you can add it to any page.

Try it out!

To set it up, add this to any webpage:

<iframe src=""> </iframe>

Use your own serial number instead of ####### and the CODE for the site you want to search, e.g. MIA. 

Where do I find my serial number?

Where do I find my site code?

  • Go to /sites, or Tools > Sites.
  • The Site Code is the short code used to identify your site in reports, dropdown menus, and the site selection window.
  • Note the widget site code is case-sensitive.

Other widgets

We have some older widgets that might still work with your collection. Other than the tiny widget, Search Widget is an add-on feature which requires a separate license. Please contact us at (800) 347-6439 to learn more!

Draw attention to your catalog and invite patrons to search your library directly from your main school or library home page using the Alexandria Search Widget! There are different search options depending on your preference: Advanced or Simple.

The Alexandria Search Widget is hosted by the Alexandria Data Station which it is registered to and is designed to be embedded in an <iframe> HTML tag on your website. The following examples are supported.

Select the desired widget and substitute <> with the public Domain Name or IP Address of your Alexandria Data Station.