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23.6 Release Notes

Bulletin Board Builder joins the Makeover with an updated interface! Access Bulletin Builder from Builder. We’ve made it easier to order your bulletins, and our new editor helps you add the html you need to format your messages. Try out the beta, and give us your feedback! (Alexandria Librarian only)

Are you have trouble seeing bulletins in Researcher? We’ll be fixing this issue in the next (23.7) release; until then, make sure you have more than one board (with bulletins), and add show/hide dates to each board and bulletin. 


  • Are you a district administrator who needs to set up preferences for every site? Your life just got easier. Although you already had control over any system preference (which only needs to be set from one place), if you’d wanted to align site preferences, you would have had to log in to every site and change that preference. Ouch. We feel your pain. So now you can push site preferences across all sites. Note: this can only be done by District Admins.


  • Hold dialogs now focus on OK instead of PRINT so you can move on to the next task faster!


  • Circulation Homeroom tab was sorting by First Name. Oops! Now it sorts by Last Name again.
  • Patron Details for Textbook Tracker now show relevant charge-type information.


  • Security Devices dropdown in the Copies tab now properly maintains the set value.


  • We were trying to be smart and in the end we weren’t that smart. Some of your Services (preferences) may have been turned off; we’re sorry! You can go to Preferences > Services and turn them back on.