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23.7 Release Notes

Happy holidays! We have some sparkly presents for you in this release, starting with another beta for your favorite feature (Reports—right?), and ending with better ebook management. Bring on the cheer!

You may run into issues with tab-delimited exports in 23.7. These will be addressed in the next release. 

It’s time! Reports is on its way to joining the Makeover with a new interface and a few new features, including:

  • the introduction of Notices and Labels
  • you only see YOUR saved reports, sortable by name or category
  • sample images of the reports and what they look like
  • a prompt to save your newly created reports for future use

Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

Presto! Order books from Gumdrop or any MCS vendor and you can skip that part where you manually imported the MARC files—MCS will send the records to Alexandria automatically! All you have to do is turn ON the feature in Preferences > Services > DirectMARC and authenticate with your account. (License required.)

(Alexandria Librarian only)

Have you wished you could limit ‘your’ ebooks to students searching your site? In Alexandria, for any e-resource, simply go to the 856 tag (which has the _u URL and the _y link text) and add a _5 with your Site Code. If the resource belongs to multiple sites, be sure to add multiple 856 tags (the URLs for each can then also be unique).

(Alexandria & Textbook Tracker)


  • Double-click a pending hold in the holds tab to make the item current!


  • Trying to delete when in a MARC field was acting strange. We’ve made the logic more logical.


  • When you include Nickname data on a label, those labels will now correctly use First Name if a Nickname isn’t available.


  • Bulletins no longer has an error when there are no boards.


  • Site matching in Clever and GG4L was being difficult. It should be easier now!