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23.1 Release Notes

Sites Management has a new look! Now when you open it from Tools, it will stay in the same window with your sidenav and topnav, and display in the style of the Makeover. 

What else is new? Researcher Notice is called ‘Site Notice’ because it’s available in librarian and Researcher—and Textbook Tracker librarian.

You asked, and we listened! The text color above input boxes is now darker, so it shows with more contrast—especially when the record is locked (which was very light before). You’ll see this change most in Patrons and Items Management. The new colors continue to adhere to modern accessibility standards. 

Include/exclude is now on reports for Items with a Policy of selection. This means Title Information and Copy Information reports, and many more. You can run reports with several different policies (e.g. Fiction and Children’s), or excluding certain policies (e.g. Class Sets). 

Note that if you have a saved report you will need to recreate it to get the new selection.

Affected Librarian reports:

Title Available Copies
Title Information
Title Information by Series
Title Information by Subject/Genre
Title Information by Term
Title Lifetime Usage
Titles Missing Information
Titles Not Shown in Researcher
Titles with No Copies
Top Circulated Titles
Weeding List by Title
Copy Information
Copy Notes
Copy Status
Reordering Details
Weeding List by Copy
Coming Due Items Notice
Loaned Items Information
Loaned Items Notice
Overdue Items Notice
Overdue Items or Unpaid Charges Notice
Temporary Items Information
Unpaid Charges Notice
Copy Monthly Checkout Count
Monthly Checkouts per Copy
Title Year to Date Usage
Top Borrowing Patrons
Usage Totals per Copy
On-Shelf Holds
Copies Inventoried
Copies Not Inventoried
Inventory Statistics Summary
Brief Analysis
Publication Date Summary
Accelerated Reader Information
Fountas and Pinnell
Guided Reading Information
Reading Counts Information
Titles with Lexile Score
Titles with No Lexile Score

Affected Textbook reports:

Textbook Available Copies
Textbook Information
Textbook Lifetime Usage
Textbook Copy Information
Textbook Copy Notes
Textbook Usage Totals per Copy
Loaned Items Notice
Loaned Textbooks Information
Copies Inventoried
Copies Not Inventoried
Inventory Statistics Summary


  • It’s easier now to set up Overdrive account information. Once you enter an account ID, it will be validated and you can choose your Advantage Account Name from a dropdown. 


  • You can now find the serial number in Textbook Tracker Circulation by opening Copy Stats. 


  • The Top Circulated Titles report now includes titles without copies. 
    TIP: How can you tell if your ebooks are being used? Previously, you’d have to check the individual services for whatever they can share with you. Nowadays, Alexandria counts link clicks as usage. This means when patrons click the links to ebooks from Overdrive or Capstone etc., that title will be ‘used’, and it will start showing up on things like Top Circulated Titles and other statistics reports, so you can evaluate your ebook title usage right alongside the physical books. (Alexandria Librarian only) 
  • We have a new report category: Popular. If you aren’t sure where to start with your reports, start with the popular reports! 
    (Alexandria Librarian only for now)
  • When you send a Patron Details email either through Circulation or Reports, the Email Signature (found in Preferences > Circulation > Letters) will now show at the bottom of the email. 


  • When you Forgive a charge, and put in a note, that note will now show up on various reports. 
  • Your preferred study program will show in Circulation.
  • The ‘today’ numbers in the Homeroom subtab were not refreshing even if you pressed ‘refresh’. Now they not only refresh…they count from all sites!
  • There was some mix-up with security when trying to refund payments or add credits. This has been fixed. 
  • Circulation Groups are now showing on the screen when you set them. That makes it much easier! (Alexandria Librarian only)
  • Never put spaces in barcodes! Usually we don’t allow you to do that anyway, but sneaky temporary items weren’t preventing it. We’ve put a stop to that!
  • In Textbook Tracker Circulation the copy location and shelving are once again showing in the current item pane. 


  • In the Copies tab, the filter was not behaving for site selection. It’s been put in its place. Also, in addition to barcode, you can now filter your copies by 
    barcode, copy notes, alert notes, copy tag, volume, call number, serial number, vendor, location, shelving, funding, and site code.
  • Copy Condition is now showing up…as it should be. 
  • For whatever reason, copies that were in-transit or On Order were hiding from the Copy List (from Items or Circulation). We’ve persuaded them to show themselves. We also convinced the Lost and Discarded copies to show the right dates. 


  • LDAP settings are now correctly reading registration, so if you are registered for LDAP you can make changes!


  • Patron Details Summary report once again correctly shows lost/discarded fees for removed copies. The report is also showing the Replacement Cost as expected. 
  • The Overdue Items Notice option to ‘include cover art’ was not letting you click it unless you clicked it just right. We fixed that.