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I’m not using the Inventory Management interface. How do I manually remove or permanently delete the not inventoried items which have been moved to Lost Status?

  1. Choose Operations from the sidenav.
  2. Select Utilities.
  3. Add a new utility, and look under the Copies cateogry.
  4. Under Copies, select Remove Lost Copies.
  5. You have a few options to remove your Lost Copies.
    1. If you want to remove all of them, click Run at the bottom right.
    2. If you want to remove Lost Copies from a specific time period, make sure to alter the Copies Lost option under the Selections tab.
    3. If you would only like to remove copies that were moved into lost during inventory, and not from patrons, you will need to specify this under the Options tab.

Tip: Weeded or discarded items can be removed using a similar Utility called Remove Discarded Copies