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Share your top titles

Are your students not sure what to read next? You can share the top borrowed titles in your library–we’ve got a report for that!

To run the Top Circulated Titles report:

Makeover interface: Operations > Reports > Titles > Top Circulated Titles

Current interface: Tools > Reports > Titles > Top Circulated Titles

Use the Selections to specify which items you want on the list, like a specific medium or call number range. In the Options tab, enter the date range and how many results you want.

Find your top titles, then you can print out the list for your patrons to view. You can even print out the lists from nearby sites for them to compare!

Want to share your list online? Create a saved list and try one or more of these methods:

  • Create a Slideshow and share the link.
  • Add a link to the list from the Bulletin Board you just built.
  • Or create bulletin for each book so they can see them all at once. You can even add a poll using Google forms!
  • Share the list through an Explore button on your main pages or in Explore itself.
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