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Winter storms–recompute due dates

The school is closed due to severe winter storms, and Miss Honey realizes there will be lots of overdue books that couldn’t be returned due to the unexpected closure. Time to recompute the due date!

Site-specific eBooks

Have you wished you could limit ‘your’ ebooks to students searching your site?  Maybe you don’t want the middle schoolers seeing the high school titles, or you have limited e-copies and want to make sure they are available for students at your school. Well, now you can!

Builder: customize your search

Miss Honey knows that curating Researcher is an important part of empowering students to utilize the library. The different Searches available with Alexandria can be customized for your school based on the needs of your students–in Builder.

Maps makeover

Miss Honey moved some shelves around in the library, and needs to add updated maps into Researcher. When she logs into Alexandria, Maps looks different! Here’s the low-down on the updated Maps interface.

Creating a slideshow for spooky season–or any reason!

It’s almost Halloween, and Miss Honey wants to highlight some of the best books for the season by making a slideshow. This is a great way to showcase books for any holidays or occasions. Here’s how to do it!

Popular items: creating explore panes

Miss Sanderson has been using the Popularity search to find which items in the library are getting the most use. But how can she highlight the popular items for students? Easy–with a Researcher Explore button.

Notes for student aides–System Patron notes

Miss Spellman was always reminding her library student aides (and sometimes the other librarians) how to use the System Patrons in Alexandria–until she set up system patron alert notes.