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Making search strings using advanced search

Miss Honey read all about slideshows and explore panes in our last few tips, but both of them use search strings… and she doesn’t remember how to make them!So how do you generate search strings?

Creating search strings

  1. In /search click on the ampersand (&) flag.
  2. Choose a search selection from the drop-down menu in the top box (i.e. Author, Series, Title, Popularity etc.) and enter your criteria.
  3. Choose the Boolean modifier you wish to use (And, Or, And Not) from the drop-down menu on the left and enter the additional criteria you are wanting to search. The Researcher supports up to four levels of Boolean searching.
  4. Click Search and results will display below the Advance Search pane.
  5. Click the Share Titles icon to copy the search string.

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