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Site-specific eBooks

Have you wished you could limit ‘your’ ebooks to students searching your site?  Maybe you don’t want the middle schoolers seeing the high school titles, or you have limited e-copies and want to make sure they are available for students at your school. Well, now you can!

Here are the steps: 

We’ll use Anne of Green Gables as an example, which came out of the budget of site MIA.

  1. Go to Items Management and bring up the eBook title
    1. If you want to see a list of ebooks rather than searching each by title, use the Advanced Search to bring up a batch of the ebooks using the Medium or policy, if available.
  2. Unlock the title record using the padlock icon at the top right, then switch to MARC view by clicking MARC
  3. Scroll down to select the existing 856 tag and click Edit
  4. Add a subfield
  5. In the new subfield, select 5 – Alexandria Site Code
  6. Enter the Site Code – Needs to match the Site Code in Sites
    1. Note – If the eBook URLs are the same, but you want to show for multiple sites, you can add the 5 – Alexandria Site Code subfield multiple times
  7. Click Save at the top right

Now if a student at site EVE searches for Green Gables, they won’t see the ebook. But a student at site MIA can find the book and access it!

This is for centralized catalogs only.

Need help? Feel free to reach out to our support team at (800) 347-4942 ·
Contact our Sales team at 1-800-347-6439 or and ask about our Online Services bundle, which now includes DirectMARC!

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