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Letting go of legacy reports…

Lots of the reports (and labels and notices) in Alexandria say (Legacy) at the end, meaning… they are on the way out. But don’t worry! We have replacement reports for the legacy reports that are new and improved, and still perform the function of the legacy reports. Most of the time they are simplified or combined to be more efficient.

For example, the Titles with No Cover Art (Legacy) report has been replaced by the Titles Missing Information report. You can still get the information you need, and the new and improved report can do even more.

You let us know you’re still using the Envelope and Spine Labels, so that one will be moving out of the legacy category soon! Don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere.

Most of the Legacy Reports on our support center have the recommended replacement listed, but if you’re not sure which new report is replacing one of your regularly used legacy reports, you can always contact our support team for help!

Reach out to our stellar support team at (800) 347-4942 · for help!

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