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Ordering books from vendors

Barcodes, symbology, and MARC… oh my! You have questions, we have answers. Here’s your one-stop- shop with common information needed when ordering items from vendors.

When ordering books from vendors, remember that different vendors may have slightly different terminology and questions when ordering.
  • MARC Format: MARC 21
  • Finding an available barcode range
  1. If you already have a barcode range in mind and want to ensure it is available to give to the vendor, use the Unused Barcodes Report with the Range format.
  2. If you would like to see the last barcode that was used in Alexandra, run the Copy Information report and sort by Barcode.
  • Barcode Symbology: COMPanion uses Code 39, or 3 of 9, with no check digit.
  • Copy Location Holdings: COMPanion uses 852 holdings

Have questions? Reach out to our stellar support team at (800) 347-4942 · for help!


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