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Capstone Interactive

The Capstone Interactive Library is currently a free feature of Alexandria! No product activation codes or licenses are required.

Alexandria proudly partners with Capstone Interactive Library, making it easier than ever before to add interactive eBooks to your library collection. Capstone Interactive Library eBooks provide text highlighting, audio support, smart search options, and educator support.

If you don’t yet have a My Capstone Library account, contact Capstone to create one.

Get 24 free Capstone ebooks by downloading the MARC file and cover art and importing them into your Alexandria collection.

If you already have a Capstone account and want these books added, contact Capstone at 800-747-4992 to avoid any authentication issues.

Did you add the last set of free Capstone Interactive ebooks to your collection? You may have noticed some of those titles went out of print last year, so you’ll probably want to remove them from your collection. Be assured this usually doesn’t happen—if you purchase Capstone books, they will be maintained! In Alexandria, you can either remove individual titles in Items Management or use the Remove Titles utility to remove more than one at once.

Enable Capstone Interactive

Toggle On to enable Capstone in Alexandria.

Vendor URL

Get your My Capstone Library URL from Capstone and then enter it here. The URL will contain your account information, so the next time you open Capstone Interactive from Items Management, you’ll be automatically authenticated by Capstone and logged in to the right place.

Contact Tab

Under the Contact tab, we have provided a space for you to save the contact information for your Capstone Interactive representative so it’s always on hand.

Although it’s not necessary for all to understand, the following sections are for those who want to better understand how Capstone Interactive Library integrates with Alexandria.

Capstone Interactive Library in MARC Records

Capstone Interactive Library supplies you with a list of available eBooks in MARC format; once received, these records can then be manually imported into Alexandria. Once imported, these eBooks are searchable from the Search and Scout interface, just like other resources. Capstone Interactive Library title records do not require copies and COMPanion advises against adding any during import to help minimize potential database inaccuracies.

Capstone Interactive Library eBooks are identifiable by a specific identifier embedded in their MARC record; if the 856 tag includes the URL, Alexandria recognizes it is an Capstone Interactive Library eBook and not any other Capstone resource. Alexandria will examine all MARC records during import to determine whether they are Capstone Interactive Library eBooks.

Capstone Interactive Library Policies

Since Capstone Interactive Library titles are eBooks and not actual, physical copies, they are initially saved in your database under Alexandria’s standard item eBook policy; you can, however, later change this to another policy—although we recommend the eBook policy be left as default. Regardless of the Item Policy, the Maximum Loaned Items in the Patron Policy must be set to something above “0” in order for any circulation transactions to proceed. Holds, reservations, and renewals are not available (from within Alexandria) for Capstone Interactive Library eBooks.

Capstone Interactive Library in Researcher

Capstone Interactive Library eBooks are fully searchable in Alexandria. Patrons only need to search as normal, and voilà, those eBooks will appear in the results!

These resources are marked with a “Capstone” label displayed in the upper left-hand corner of the item’s cover art. Also, the details contain a “Read this book now!” link that forwards patrons to the book stored on Capstone’s online library. In other words, all Capstone Interactive Library eBook transactions are initiated from the Alexandria Researcher interfaces.

Here are examples of how a Capstone Interactive Library eBook appears in various Researcher interfaces:

Viewing Capstone Interactive eBooks

While Capstone Interactive Library eBooks aren’t downloadable, they have the advantage of being accessible by multiple simultaneous users with remote access from any location where there’s an internet connection. Titles purchased from Capstone Interactive are permanently retained by the library with unlimited, simultaneous, multi-user access.