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Circulation: command line

The makeover is here, and we decided to take this opportunity to go through some of our favorite features in Alexandria. Today, we’re starting with the Command Line in Circulation.

We have all kinds of helpful command line shortcuts

For example, have you ever used statistics mode? Type “Y” into the command line, and then scan or enter the barcode of any items you want to add statistics to without actually checking them out to patrons. This is handy for tracking the use of items that aren’t checked out, but still used, like electronics. Use “Y@number” to add more than one checkout stat to an item–for example, Y@3 would add three usage stats to anything scanned. To exit statistics mode, just enter the . command, or x

Read more about the command line shortcuts to learn (or refresh your memory) on utilizing this tool. 

Reach out to our Support team at 1-800-347-4942 with any questions about command line shortcuts, or anything else in Alexandria.

Happy shortcutting! 


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