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Who’s Who at COMPanion

“COMPanion users aren’t just customers, they are a family of fans—and we work hard to keep it that way!”

COMPanion Corporation is the creator of AlexandriaTextbook Tracker, and KeepnTrack. We believe in talking personally to our users, and we might get to know some of you by name. If you are wondering who’s who at COMPanion, this page is a good place to start. 

Bill Schjelderup, President—Bill founded COMPanion Corporation in 1990. Bill took the company from its humble beginnings as a one-man operation to where it is today, serving over 10,000 customers worldwide. Bill still plays an active role in advising development, operations, sales, and support. See also you know? You can contact Bill in the Contact us window right from Alexandria. 

Department leads: Mike Voseipka (Sales, VP); Hilary Adams (Operations, Subscriptions); Jake Cloward (Support/Technical Services); Laurel Miller (QC); Myra Schjelderup (Development/Product Management).

Sales: Mike Voseipka, Chantel Miner, Jenessa Everett, Mekenzie Cooper, Tailyn Bradford, Josh Hutchings, Mark Weems, Alma Medina, Jodell Sadler

Marketing: Mitchell Vice, Chaylee Dixon

Operations: Sandy Brown, Marie Hofmann, Hilary Adams, Elaine Passey, Leeanna Burford, Melissa Hamilton

Support: Jake Cloward, Josh Hutchings, Jaron Pratley, Chip Willesen, Cenica Ramirez, McKenzie Allen, Ian Scharine, Russell Barley, Gena Montoya, Chancy Halliday, Kim Stiles

Conversions/Hosting: Brad Heaton; Peter Scheurer

QC: Laurel Miller, Jenn Moore, Shannon Burgess, Chris Gilmore, Cameron Theriault, Chen Schjelderup-Li

Development: J Bethers, Julian Dohmen, Bennett Gibson, Nate Reborio, David Burford, Christopher Scott, McKenzie Allen

UX/Docs: Myra Schjelderup; Bethany Brown

Internal support: David Daniel, Charity Sasithorn

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COMPanion Corporation has a license to use stock images from iStock and Adobe. These are great, but we also love to support local artists and create something special. We’d like to recognize the artists we’ve partnered with.

Rowan North — website — Rowan is a multi-media artist who lives in Utah. You’ll see her booth at fantasy and writing conventions, Renaissance and craft fairs, and more. Check out her Instagram and TikTok for some fun art! Rowan has created several pieces of custom artwork for us, including fantasy and science fiction representations of our Alexandria, Textbook Tracker, and KeepnTrack products. These hang in the lobby at the COMPanion headquarters. 

License info: COMPanion may reproduce and share the work as long as “Rowan North” is credited; COMPanion may not sell copies of the artwork. Our users may share the images as long as both “COMPanion Corporation” and “Rowan North” are credited.

See more of Rowan’s pieces here


Saeko Reed — website — Saeko is a creator and artist who lives in Washington state. You may see her at zine and craft fairs, and her stickers at local coffee shops. Check out her Instagram. Saeko designed our mascot Pasha the library cat!

License info: COMPanion may reproduce and use the Pasha mascot all over the place, as cats are wont to go, as long as we don’t pretend that we designed him (because we didn’t). Our users may share the images as associated with COMPanion Corporation and/or Alexandria.

Introducing Pasha the library cat! Designed by local artist Saeko Reed, our mascot Pasha is based on Mia’s real kitty who likes to visit COMPanion. You’ll see Pasha show up in our videos and other support materials as he helps you learn Alexandria. He’ll also appear in our marketing materials because he loves the attention.

Real-life Pasha is a Birman. He was born in 2019 and survived heart failure as an 8-month kitten. His full name is QT Pasha, the Baron McDermott. If you’re curious…. The QT is a purebred cat thing (it was the year of Q names); Pasha was the name of a real bear cub Mia saw on Irish television while on vacation; and McDermott is a castle in Ireland (last pic).

Mia Schjelderup-Li was a crucial member of our development team since 2009, manager of the development team from 2015–2021, and the oldest daughter of the company’s founder Bill. She passed away unexpectedly September 2021, leaving behind a new husband and newborn baby girl Yue.

Alexandria users can thank Mia for completing 283 improvements and 36 features during her time here (among other things), including the Makeover Dashboard, the new Patron Details report, Textbook Tracker, Explore and Explore Builder, and password security. COMPanion is getting back on its feet but we miss her every day.

Yue newborn, Yue with Pasha, Yue 1 year old, Yue 2.5 years old