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Release Notes

23.11 Release Notes

Content is subject to change until the official release on April 20, 2024.

Introducing passwords for bulletin boards! Now if you want to share a board with teachers, or post grades or other more sensitive information and share with students and parents, you can protect that board with a password. Share the password with people you want to see the board, and they’ll simply go to /bulletins, click on the board, and enter the password.

Security joins the Makeover family! Access Security from Tools and it’ll open in the same tab. The new look makes your security options a bit easier to understand.

The new Search has a simple tutorial for your patrons. Click the help icon in the topnav for a few instructions to help you search!


  • Copy Tag in Textbook Tracker now shows in Circulation in the Current Item pane, as well as the copy list. (Thanks to Susan from Odyssey Charter School, UT for submitting this Idea!)
  • You can now print another copy of your hold receipts by going to the Holds tab and clicking Print Receipt.


  • Logging in to librarian areas on Android devices is working better now.
  • Focus now returns to the command line after looking at a picture in Circulation.
  • Sometimes in Circulation the ‘items out’ would show the wrong number. We’ve fixed this.
  • Although we don’t recommend it, you can select multiple items out in Circulation and declare them lost. Doing that before would cause a problem; that problem is gone.


  • Top Borrowing Patron report has been fixed to be speedier and more accurate.


  • We updated the help text in Builder to refer to the Researcher Queries operation as an export instead of a report. Although it is reporting on data, you will find it in the Exports interface, not in Reports.


  • We’ve fixed some of the little errors when adding printers to your Circulation preferences.

23.9 Release Notes

We’re moving to a new support center! Going forward, Release Notes and Tips will be posted here.

Introducing SEARCH 2.0!! — The BETA. That’s right, Alexandria’s most popular patron interface (web app) has a brand-new look…and that’s not all. Search, Explore, and Browse are grouped together to work seamlessly as one interface, depending on how you like to search for items. Search is your search bar, with optional advanced boolean searching; Explore is your button-based collections tool; and Browse lets you get results when you aren’t sure what you are looking for.

When you have your results, quickly filter those results by medium, language, publication year, and more, print, add to lists—all those things you could do before…but now on the SIDES. You can hide filters and options if you aren’t using them.

The new Search boasts THREE views for results. Are you more of a cover-art person? Maybe you just want to see a little bit of brief information? Or read every summary as you scroll through the selection? Plus, a full details view that you can access by clicking on—you guessed it—the title.

Clicking on subjects and series and other tags performs a search on that tag immediately in addition to adding it to your tag list.

Perhaps the most long-awaited feature is mobile support. Search is written with modern web technology and standards, fully accessible, and can be used on small (i.e. phone) devices. (Well, it’s not perfect yet, but we promise it will be.)

See a full list of changes on Search .

Give it a try at , then give us your feedback in this short survey!

The new Search is just a BETA which means not everything is fully functional (we’re still working on it!). Please have fun using it and don’t worry about reporting bugs!

You want your patrons to have a good relationship with your library. Part of that is helping them identify the library by, say, the logo—that’s right, you can now add a logo icon (logomark) to Builder, and your patrons will see that logo when they browse your catalog! Note that this logo icon is different than the larger logo you can set for the Researcher hub.

Allow students and teachers to access supplementary material on your titles from your catalog, with our new integration with TeachingBooks! (Registration required—contact our Sales team at 1.800.347.6439 or to learn more.)


  • We’ve clarified some of the site/system labels in Circulation preferences


  • Logging in to Researcher now has a bit of help for students.


  • Textbook Circulation was missing copy location/shelving and we’ve made sure it’s showing up again in the Current Item pane.
  • There were some conflicts with In Transit items and In Processing; these have been resolved.


  • Patron Status now shows lists correctly as Public or Private.


  • The Test FTP Connection button in Imports is working again.


  • The Monthly Checkout per Patron report was showing totals as YTD usage, rather than the usage totaled from the selection. This is fixed, so you can see accurate total usage for patrons in a particular timeframe!


  • The Grade Table now updates sorting in a smart way when you add a new grade or change the sorting.


  • The sidenav submenus were being annoyingly sticky. We’ve fixed it.